Life’s better spent together.

A friendly new payment gateway that uses conversational commerce to support group transactions.

Gig tickets, gifts, five-a-side, theatre, cinema, travel and holidays – or any occasion when booking together is a must but paying separately is ideal.

Let’s Paytogether!

For users a unique way to organise events or buy gifts for friends and family.

For businesses a payment solution that's free to use and naturally drives sales. Set up alongside your existing checkout system or as a sole provider for individual and group payments.

Conversational commerce

Payments via a unique conversational ‘chat’ interface – it’s the fastest checkout in market for individual or group payments.

Bigger sales

Paytogether works alongside standard payment gateways to allow one person to secure items for many – and for everyone to pay their share when convenient.

Marketing muscle

Buyers are more likely to add more to their carts – and connect their friends. Paytogether can supercharge your CRM compared to normal payment providers.

Screenshot of the Paytogether process

Easy integration

Paytogether integrates with minimal coding required – just drop the button in-page alongside your existing payment gateway. Or instead of it…

Secure by design

Paytogether is fully PCI-DSS compliant – and your business will be too from the minute you implement our client-side tokenisation.

No sensitive data is handled by your servers and all information processed by Paytogether is fully encrypted.

Using Paytogether means your business can instantly and securely accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in over 100 currencies.

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